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Which Landscape Enhancements Will Increase Your Curb Appeal?

The answer is that most enhancements will do just that, but some do it more than others. Always beautiful, the following shrubs should be taken into consideration when you want to improve your home’s landscaping. These shrubs were found on almost every homestead owned by our grandparents. They have not fallen out of favor for any reason, only forgotten in the excitement that came with the many new cultivars that are now available. Take a look at these options to maximize your curb appeal!

● Hydrangea: Tolerant of most soil types but sensitive to drought and hot sun, this shrub has many flower colors available and the newer ‘Endless Summer’ series bloom all summer long.
● Spirea: Tolerant of most soils, these hardy deciduous shrubs come in many colors and show mounds of flowers come springtime that last all summer long.
● Lilac: Hundreds of cultivars are available, but most prefer neutral soil and some shade. Known for their heady scented flowers, they make great vase cuttings.
● Viburnum: With their beautiful springtime display, these smell wonderful and are favored by birds. If you do choose one, leave room for expansion as they tend to spread wider than their height.
● Hibiscus: Rose-of-Sharon never disappoint with their gorgeous late-summer flowers. They are very adaptable and easy to grow.



A Clean Deck Is a Must for Exterior Maintenance When Selling Your Home

Redland homes have decks that are wonderful for enjoying the great outdoors, whether you are entertaining a crowd or just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine with a good book. This is a place that Buyers will want to picture themselves, their family, and their company, so make sure that it is a place they will want to spend time! Keep in mind that decks require maintenance to keep them looking fresh, clean and splinter free.

Proper maintenance is essential to extending the life of your deck. First, look over your deck carefully for any sections that may need repair. If there are improvements to be made, get them taken care of as quickly as possible; if it is before Buyers start touring, that is all the better! Next, thoroughly sweep it off. After that, you must arm yourself with a power-washer. If you do not own one, I have multiple contacts near Franklin / Brentwood that can take care of that for you. There are a variety of deck cleaners available, but the best choice is an oxalic acid-based one. These clean your wood nicely, prevent rust, kill mildew and are even plant-friendly. If you have tough mildew stains, you will need to use oxygen bleach to remove the stains. Finally, consider coating the newly cleaned deck to keep it looking beautiful for Buyers.