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For Buyers

Why buy with Ken?

Because Ken gets it done. Ken does his homework. Ken has 35 years experience as a master carpenter and builder. No one knows the real estate product as well as Ken. There are two kinds of properties for sale today. First are the best buys in any given price range. Second is what I call over priced turkeys. No gets excited about buying an overpriced turkey.

The buying process has strong emotional components. Ken gets you through that haze so you can think clearly and know what to expect through the different steps. The more my buyers know about the process, the better they fare. Finally, hearing first hand from Ken’s buyers and their experience is a strong testimony to my integrity and diligence.

Ken’s Mission Statement:

I believe people are more important than things.  In whatever Endeavour I engage with others, I want to add something of value to the interaction.  I am always learning. I am always growing. I make giving a large part of my spirituality and not ashamed to support the people, children and ministries that have been placed on my heart.

I believe the best about others. I am committed to helping my clients obtain their goals and in doing that, my needs are also met. I am committed to doing my best at all times and acknowledging that I can make a mistake (once every other decade). When we work together, lets have fun, learn and grow and reach our goals.