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For Sellers

Why Ken should by your Selling agent? 

Because Ken gets it done. There are a lot of steps. Ken hits them all and is always right on the money. Because working with Ken works every time it has been tried. No need to reinvent the wheel when it is time to get rolling on the path to your goals. Make sure you really want to climb the ladder when you step on the first rung because Ken will get you to the top.

Ken is a marketing genius and he does that part. Out of 246 transactions, only 5 did not close. That is a high success rate. Real Estate is increasingly more complicated than it needs to be because of excessive regulations and laws covering everything from Agency and disclosures to buyer and seller rights and responsibilities. I keep my clients up on the latest changes, laws and technology.

Listing with Ken is smart because all the other agents like working with Ken because they know right from the start on every transaction that I am working with them , and not against them. That makes a big difference to the selling experience and attracting the best offers.

Ken knows, ken does and Ken completes. Ken is always right on the money and can get you to the sweet spot where the right price meets the highest offers.


Ken’s Mission Statement:

I believe people are more important than things.  In whatever Endeavour I engage with others, I want to add something of value to the interaction.  I am always learning. I am always growing. I make giving a large part of my spirituality and not ashamed to support the people, children and ministries that have been placed on my heart.

I believe the best about others. I am committed to helping my clients obtain their goals and in doing that, my needs are also met. I am committed to doing my best at all times and acknowledging that I can make a mistake (once every other decade). When we work together, lets have fun, learn and grow and reach our goals.